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WPSD Bookworm for Raspberry Pi Released

Today, I’ve released the long-awaited WPSD “Bookworm”-based disk image for the Raspberry Pi (“RPi”) platforms. This is the (only) WPSD disk image that supports the newer Raspberry Pi Model 5 platform1.

Note that this new WPSD RPi Bookworm disk image is universal; so it will support other Raspberry Pi Platforms, not only the Raspberry Pi 5.

(We will release Bookworm-based WPSD disk images for all the other architectures/platforms, of which we provide existing “Bullseye”-based disk images, in the near future.)

NOTE: There are some major differences between this new Bookworm-based WPSD disk image/operating system, and the popular/existing “Bullseye”-based WPSD disk image(s); so please read the rest of this document to learn how to properly install the WPSD Bookworm software

WPSD Bookworm for RPi: Changes & Installation Instructions

Where to Get the WPSD RPi Bookworm Image

At the usual, official WPSD Homepage! 😄 Simply select the “Bookworm” tab in the download section.

Supported Raspberry Pi Platforms

  • Raspberry Pi Model 5*
  • Raspberry Pi Model 4B*
  • Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+/B+/B*
  • Raspberry Pi Model Zero 2 W*
  • Raspberry Pi Model Zero W v1.1, first generation; single-core (Beware, incredibly slow platform!).
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ (Beware; incredibly slow platform!)
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module Platform
  • Raspberry Pi 400

(* recommended platform)

Networking Changes

  1. If you plan on connecting your new WPSD Bookworm installation to your existing WiFi network, and use my WPSD Wifi Configuration Generator, you will need to select “Bookworm; Debian 12” from the Operating System selection.

    • If you choose to perform #1, you must place the resultant “.nmconnection” file in the “/boot” volume of the WPSD SD-Card before booting up. Once placed there and booted up, it will automatically connect to your WiFi Network.
  2. If you choose to configure WiFi after booting into the AutoAP or Ethernet, you’ll note that the WiFi Setup Tool in the WPSD Dashboard Configuration Page is completely redesigned and offers better functionality. Additionally, there is NO need to reboot after connecting to your WiFi when using the new WiFi Setup Tool! 😄

Other Notable Changes

  1. The default hostname for all new WPSD Bookworm-based installations is “wpsd”. This means you can access your dashboard in your browser via “http://wpsd.local” (or by its IP address).

  2. The backup and restore feature will backup and restore the new “.nmconnection” WiFi connection file if you have set it up.

  3. Be aware that there is no “in-place upgrade” from Bullseye to Bookworm; you must install the WPSD Bookworm image from scratch, since it as an entirely new and different operating system.
    You can always backup your WPSD configuration, install WPSD Bookworm, then restore your previous configuration.

All other installation/setup procedures described in the WPSD Homepage and the WPSD User Manual remain the same; with the exception of the aforementioned changes.

  1. Do not attempt to install the Bullseye-based, “WPSD_RPi-Latest.img.xz” disk image on the new Raspberry Pi 5; it will not work! The Raspberry Pi 5 requires the new Bookworm-based disk image. 

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