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Welcome to the website. I’m your host (you guessed it), W0CHP (Chip).
Here you’ll find my various projects, software, documents and more – related to the topic of amateur / ham radio.

Featured Documents

WPSD Bookworm for Raspberry Pi Released

Today, I’ve released the long-awaited WPSD “Bookworm”-based disk image for the Raspberry Pi (“RPi”) platforms. This is the (only) WPSD disk image that supports the newer Raspberry Pi Model 5 platform1.

Note that this new WPSD RPi Bookworm disk image is universal; so it will support other Raspberry Pi Platforms, not only the Raspberry Pi 5.

(We will release Bookworm-based WPSD disk images for all the other architectures/platforms, of which we provide existing “Bullseye”-based disk images, in the near future.)

NOTE: There are some major differences between this new Bookworm-based WPSD disk image/operating system, and the popular/existing “Bullseye”-based WPSD disk image(s); so please read the rest of this document to learn how to properly install the WPSD Bookworm software

How to Get Help With WPSD, the Right Way

We frequently see user help questions starting with “it doesn’t work”, and no other details. We can’t help without more information. This document is intended to inform you how to ask for help in a way that the WPSD community can effectively help you.