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Digital Radio Lists

These are my ever-popular, consummate “Digital (Ham) Radio Lists”.

I pull the data each hour from each respective provider APIs to ensure data quality; and my lists have searching/downloading/sorting capabilities. Oh, and they are mobile-friendly and responsive.

DMR Talkgroup List for AnyTone Rigs

This is a special DMR TalkGroup Contact List, custom-generated for AnyTone DMR rigs. It contains all of the DMR network talkgroups natively-supported in WPSD, (Brandmeister, SystemX, FreeDMR, DMR+, TGIF), and includes the proper prefixing and padding.
The list is updated nightly.

Simply import this file in your AnyTone CPS software…

  1. Select “Tool -> Import”.
  2. Click the Talk Groups button.
  3. Navigate to and select the downloaded ‘AT_DMRgw_TGs.csv’ file.

The list is now imported and is ready to be written to your AnyTone rig.

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