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How to Update Modem Firmware in WPSD

This document explains how you can update your modem firmware using the included modem firmware update utilities in WPSD.

There are two ways:

  1. Via an SSH/terminal command: 'wpsd-modemupgrade'.
  2. Via the dashboard by navigating to 'Admin -> Advanced -> Tools -> Modem Firmware Upgrade'

If you prefer to use the SSH/terminal version, the below table lists common modems and their respective upgrade command argument. You will need to run a specific command argument for your device type…

Common MMDVM_HS_HAT Devices Command
MMDVM_HS_Hat board (14.7456MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_hat
MMDVM_HS_Hat board (12.288MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_hat-12mhz
MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat (duplex) board (14.7456MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_dual_hat
MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat (duplex) board (12.288MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_dual_hat-12mhz
ZUMspot / ZUMradio Devices Command
ZUMspot RPi GPIO board/hotspots sudo wpsd-modemupgrade zum_rpi
ZUMSpot duplex RPi GPIO board/hotspots sudo wpsd-modemupgrade zum_rpi-duplex
ZUMspot USB stick sudo wpsd-modemupgrade zum_usb
ZUMspot Libre Kit or generic MMDVM_HS board sudo wpsd-modemupgrade zum_libre
DVMEGA EuroNode Devices Command
EuroNode GPIO board/hotspots sudo wpsd-modemupgrade euronode
BridgeCom SkyBridge Devices Command
SkyBridge GPIO board/hotspots sudo wpsd-modemupgrade skybridge
NanoDV Devices Command
NanoDV NanoPi board by BG4TGO sudo wpsd-modemupgrade nanodv_npi
NanoDV USB board BG4TGO sudo wpsd-modemupgrade nanodb_usb
Generic, Other & Less-Common MMDVM_HS Devices Command
HS_HAT_AMBE GPIO board (14.7456MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_hat_ambe
LoneStar LS MMDVM USB (14.7456MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_hat_lonestar-usb
MMDVM_HS_GENERIC GPIO board (14.7456MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_hat_generic
MMDVM_HS_GENERIC_DUPLEX GPIO board (14.7456MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_hat_generic_duplex
MMDVM_HS_GENERIC_DUPLEX USB (14.7456MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_hat_generic_duplex-usb
Nano_hotSPOT GPIO board by BI7JTA (14.7456MHz TCXO) sudo wpsd-modemupgrade hs_hat_nano_hotspot

Other Hints

You can also downgrade modem firmware to older versions, simply by invoking the following command:

sudo wpsd-modemdowngrade

To flash your modem with user-specified custom firmware, invoke the following command:

sudo wpsd-modem-flash_custom

To attempt to have the system detect the type of modem installed, invoke this command:

sudo wpsd-detectmodem


“But what if I don’t know which modem I have or which firmware to choose?”

The most common boards we see out there, are the “MMDVM_HS_Hat” boards, and “MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat” for duplex boards. When in doubt, you can always try those firmware types. You can also invoke the 'sudo wpsd-modemdetect' command in WPSD, to try detecting and displaying the board/modem type you have installed before you flash it.

If you have an obscure modem or an MMDVM repeater board, or if none of the above commands apply to your device type, you will need to download, compile and install the MMDVM modem firmware or the MMDVM_HS hotspot firmware yourself. This is outside the scope of WPSD, and you will be on your own. Plenty of instructions on the ’net.

Please note, that we are not firmware developers, and we offer no support for firmware. We simply provide programs to update the firmware for popular and common devices. For actual firmware support, you will need to utilize other support resources from the firmware developers/maintainers and/or the device vendors.

Ver. # 4179a93 - Document last revised: 11/19/2023
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