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WPSD Installs Only via Disk Images

TL;DR: WPSD can be installed only via the installation disk images.

When I first released WPSD to the masses, it was originally installed on existing Pi-Star installations via an installation script; by removing Pi-Star and installing WPSD.

As WPSD grew, changed, improved, etc., I began offering updated installation disk images; and as of today, August 26, 2023, installation disk images are now the only method to installing WPSD. This means, that the installation script and method of replacing existing Pi-Star instances with WPSD vis the script is no longer available nor is it supported…

Additionally, we will be fully ceasing support of the older Pi-Star/“Buster”-based WPSD installations by the beginning of year 2024. Users who still run this older method of installation will no longer receive updates after 2024, and will need to upgrade their installation by installing the supported WPSD disk images. These older installations will eventually see a friendly message on their dashboards instructing them to upgrade to the disk image installation method.

Why This is Happening

Most importantly, the older method of installation on existing systems use very dated operating system, “Buster”. This operating system is end-of-life and is no longer supported.

Additionally, WPSD has evolved greatly, and we work closely with the developer(s) of the critical back-end software that performs the heavy lifting behind-the-scenes; and this software has also evolved greatly. Because of this evolution, there are simply too many incompatibilities with the much-newer WPSD code and programs running on older Pi-Star-based WPSD installations.

Being that our focus on development is based on the newer operating systems and newer underlying code, we’ve determined that installation disk images are more reliable to the users of WPSD and provides a better user experience.

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