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PSA: WPSD Is Not An 'Overlay'

I see these labels/statements regarding WPSD quite a bit:

“WPSD is a Pi-Star overlay”

“WPSD overlays Pi-Star”

“WPSD […] overlay […]”

Let me correct all of these fallacies for the record…

WPSD is not an “overlay”, and it never has been.

WPSD is, and always has been, it’s own software. Yes, there was a point in time where you could install WPSD within an existing Pi-Star installation (which is now deprecated & unsupported), but it didn’t ‘overlay’ anything; it replaced core software, removed Pi-Star software, and installed/ran WPSD.

More importantly, WPSD is its own software and operating system distribution.

I suppose the term “overlay” was used because of the legacy install script/method that allowed users to replace Pi-Star software on an existing instance with WPSD. 🤷‍♂️

I’ve also seen YouTubers use the “overlay” label in their WPSD-related videos. No offense to these creators. I am grateful you enjoy WPSD and that you published your content; but we need to clear the air…

It’s important to clear this up because the “overlay” label has confused lots of WPSD users and aspiring users.

Here’s a quote from a recent message in an unrelated Discord server:

“[…] but it (WPSD) sounded like it was just an overlay on top of pistar”

That’s just one instance. I’ve seen “overlay” used all over the place, and it’s unfortunately quite rampant!

How To Correct The ‘Overlay’ Fallacy/Label…

Repeat after me: “WPSD is not an overlay”.

Please stop calling WPSD an “overlay”, and stop using WPSD and “overlay” in the same sentence. 🤦‍♂️

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