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Running WPSD on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 (w)'s

If you’re running a hot spot on a Raspberry Pi Zero rev.1 or rev.1.1 (1st gen.) board, consider replacing your Pi board with the new 2021 Raspberry Pi Zero 2.

The performance increases are quite a joy and are very noticeable. And the price, $15 USD as an average…you can’t go wrong. The most relevant improvement over the Pi Zero, us the the Pi Zero 2 has a quad-core 1GHz processor, vs. only one core.

Here, you can view a detailed write-up with benchmarks, comparing the Pi Zero vs. Pi Zero 2.

Albeit, the new Pi Zero 2’s are bit tricky to acquire. However, I was able to acquire 3 of them in one day from 3 different vendors (most limit one-per-customer due to shortages/inventory limitations/back-orders.). All three of them arrived in a week or less (and two vendors were overseas.).

In any event, I would highly recommend that you upgrade if you’re running WPSD on a 1st gen. Pi Zero.

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